Italian Menu


Tuna in Escabeche
Boiled octopus with potatoes and apple vinegar
Escargot Bourguignon
Mixed fish appetizers
Mullet roe with artichoke hearts
Three types of roe (tuna, anise tuna, smoked stone bass) with fresh tomatoes and salad burnet
Scallops with lemon
Tuna carpaccio with basmati rice pie and vegetables
Mullet roe with beans and salads
Culaccia of Zibello (cold cuts)
Cecina de Leon (leg of pork seasoned 16 months slightly smoked)
Cold cuts with omelet and pickled vegetables
Tuna rabbit with herbs

First Courses

Ravioli stuffed with shrimps
Pasta with calamari (pappardelle or bigoli)
Pasta with duck meat sauce
Marubini (tortellini) in broth
Spelt and legumes soup
Chickpea soup
Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms
Pasta with tuna roe
Green beans and pork rind
Cabbage wih pork
Spaghetti with squid ink and clams
Spelt pasta with fresh tuna and vegetables
Pumpkin tortelli
Marubini (tortellini) with butter and sage sauce
(dish from Cremona)
Potato dumplings with tomato and smoked cheese
Green pasta with gorgonzola cheese

Fish main courses

Sea bass with artichokes
Swordfish with fresh tomato and basil
Baked sea bream with potatoes
Chunks of grilled swordfish
Calamari stuffed with saffron cream and scallion
Shrimp salad
Sliced ​​tuna
Prawns with curry and small asparagus
Sea bass fillet with cherry tomatoes and olives

Meat main courses

Grilled bison ribs
Grilled Richmond lamb ribs
Fillet medallions with porcini mushrooms
Boned quails flavoured with savory
Braised beef with polenta
Pork sausage (cotechino) with lentils
Diced fillet with herbs of Provence
Roast beef cooked with salt
Robespierre tagliata (beef meat) with rocket
Veal with tuna sauce
Mixed grilled pork

Cheese assortment with matching sauces and mustards

Side dishes

Mixed salad
Roasted potatoes with rosemary
Spinach with butter
Grilled Trevisano chicory

Homemade desserts

Fresh seasonal fruit